Pebbles crushing plant in Mongolia
Time – 2012.3
Input – pebbles(>400mm)
Output – 0-3mm, 3-8mm, 8-19mm, 19-25mm.
Capacity – 150 t/h
Location – Mongolia
Product –   PE600*900 jaw crusher, PEX1200*250, WLC1300 cone crusher, 3YA1860 screen.

In the past few years, Mongolia economic growth has been driving demand for construction aggregates. The market for sand, in turn, has been experiencing major  diffculties in maintaining a consistent supply. Presently, one of the main challenges the industry faces is the large amount of pebbles that are obtained in the process of extracting sand, at times constituting nearly 50% of the volume of material dredged from riverbeds.

Pebbles have always been a challenge for producers of sand since they cannot be returned to rivers after extraction. For decades, the processing of this material resulted in a huge environmental liability, with a large amount of pebbles having to be stored away and left unused.

Transforming problems into business opportunities

This quarry has operated in this market for over 10 years and decided to enlist the help of WEI LAI  to find a profitable solution for the processing of pebbles.In July 2012, analyses were begun to assess the abrasiveness and crushability of the material. Four alternatives were identified for processing and transforming pebbles into sand.Initially, This quarry was interested in acquiring an impactor for its reasonable price level. However, the customer wanted to process all the pebbles that were collected daily, in addition to some of the material that it had stored. In weighing the results expected by the customer and the excessive abrasiveness of the material, the WLC1300 cone crusher was decided on as the best alternative.the quarry made the required investment, and after using the WLC1300 for just four months, the company has already been reporting outstanding results. The WLC1300 not only transforms pebbles into sand, but also produces sand of excellent quality, with high yield and low maintenance.

With minor adjustments, the WLC1300 also enables the production of sand with specific particle size distribution for special applications, such as filtering, sand blasting and foundry sand, adding value to the product and increasing the types of sand offered.

“WEI LAI is pleased that the WLC1300 not only enabled the processing of a product that had been set aside as unusable, but also that it opened up new market opportunities for the quarry. That’s the standard we seek to deliver to our customers,” Technical Salesperson of WEI LAI.

WL cones entering the Mongolia sand-making market

Today’s cones, such as the WLC1300, have high resistance to impacts and abrasiveness, more effcient crushing chambers, low maintenance costs and excellent productivity.Following the acquisition of the WLC1300, this quarry is now also producing special sands that command a price that is 100% higher than common sand. The entire stockpile of pebbles, accumulated throughout the company's 10 years of operations, has already been transformed into sand, and the stock of pebbles held by competitors is also being purchased for processing.The WLC1300 opened up new niches in the market, enabling the production of different types of sand with added value.

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