Excellent Service

  •  Service Concept

    Dedicated Service, Extend Value

    WEILAI treat Service as a significant segment in our value chain, from the moment you get in touch with WEILAI, our commitment to service is a complete guarantee that we will make every effort to be there for you. That is our pledge to you. We wish to not just satisfy but surpass the expectations of our customers.

    All of WEILAI service-related businesses—aftermarket parts, technical support, training, OEM Solutions are based on offering more professional service, extending the life of each machine we delivered. WEILAI service will be always with you for maintain and development since your purchase. We keep in mind that never stop innovation, never stop improving, never stop adding extra value to our machines and service.
    Technical Service

    Technical inquiry

    Should you have any inquiry for choosing a WEILAI machine for your application, or you haven’t got a clear idea on operating and maintenance of WEILAI equipment, or you need our assistance on the trouble shooting of the machine, our experienced service team are always honored to be of help, just drop us an email or give us a call with following information;

    Field service

    For special key projects and VIP customers, WEILAI offer on-site field service for a certain period, to allow the team of our users with a better understanding on the operating and maintenance, to help training the service team of their own, or give a proposal on the maintenance solutions according to the special operating environment. With the field service, we are confident to enable WEILAI customer to use our machines free of any worry.
    After some service period, we measure and analyze the customer's conditions and requirements to improve our products’ and service quality. We also provide users with suggestions on how to improve their business capabilities. We invite some customers to observe the developmental process and testing of our new products.

    WEILAI launched the Customer Care Activity (CCA) program since the year 2008, we visited many of our users with free full inspections and suggestions on the fleet of WEILAI machines they are holding. And we’ve got extremely positive feedback on the CCA, and it greatly enhance our relation ship with existing customers and improving entire customer satisfaction.

    Parts Support

    At WEILAI, we maintain an extensive spare parts inventory for all our equipment. From the smallest bearing to the most complex circuit board, WEILAI is committed to having all parts on hand to keep your project running. We are well stocked with a full inventory list of spare parts, components and accessories to support our clientele with the products they purchase from us.

    This forms a one-stop-centre to serve our customers promptly and efficiently. This is done through a network of highly certified OEM manufacturers, and through an effective distribution of spare parts through our global network of distribution ship.


    In order to understand the performance, parts, operation and maintenance of WEILAI products, and to utilize and maintain machinery properly, thereby ensuring that machines are always in optimal condition and operate with the highest work efficiency, we offer training to our customers, distributors as well as WEILAI staff.

    Should our customers wish to send their engineers and operators for training and development to further update their skills, they can do so by sending their engineers and operators to attend our training program conducted to acquire the technological competencies to enable them to adapt and respond to the changing needs and advancements in technology.
    Our training program focuses on areas of innovation and application engineered for a better environment. It teaches the latest techniques and the most effective methods of technical applications.

    Our program adopts a competency-based training approach. Classroom teaching and hands-on practice-oriented training combine to enhance the learning of concepts and acquisition of technical skills. This will aid them in operating our machines, pick up, drill and upgrade their skills for proper operation, maintenance and breakdown repair.

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